Common sense (actual Common Sense, from the superior civilised West. NOT the ubiquitous whining of the tie-dyed and tired Ultra-Left) would dictate that if one were to elect to reside in a country where successful traditional (actual Tradition, from the superior civilised West, which has been actually written down and not just Chinese-whispered across an unknown number of generations, all of whom were/are presumably incapable of operating at the heights of modern thought) law and order has prevailed, and one was of the view that said law and order was not up to one’s expectations, then one might easily consider packing up one’s sticks and stones and trying to find a vacant cave on a remote island elsewhere, in which one could hate all the white people one desired.
Let’s be realistic here; there are no REAL Aborigines anymore, and that’s just a fact. All that remains are the self-proclaimed warriors of the Left Fringe Mob, and the freelance-tax-collectors from the Centrelink Dreaming , encapsulated (in varying degrees) in arguably European bodies. What a tragic life it must be. Trapped in the very thing you hate the most… A white person! But, no, mustn’t say so! Tut tut, Handrew, you’re hurting their feelings. Granted, you and your fellow hard working Australians are paying for all their free houses and cars, but of course this doesn’t give you the right to have an opinion! No no, silly you. Democracy in the Free West does not cater to your needs in that way. Pull up your socks, White Man, and continue to do all the heavy lifting while the allegedly down-trodden micro-masses suckle at the chapped-teat of your infrastructure and economy. Which brings me to my point.

We now have a new problem. The ungrateful and perpetually angry “Blacks” (Can we get a Pantone Colour Chart over here, please???) have achieved independence, in pockets of the urban sprawl, and turned right around and bitten the hand that silver-spoon-fed them from dirt-huddling anti-socials, to privileged and arguably resource-addled menaces to society. Let’s turn our attention for a moment to the increasingly (shudder) popular musical (chortle) genre known as “hip hop”, and focus specifically on the newest threat to Traditional Australian Values; A.B. Original.

Who do they think they are? From a country that is founded upon an idiom of ‘if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it’ these guys are hellbent on doing just that – fixing it. Just because between them they’ve amounted countless tours and shows, award winning albums, certified aria double platinum and gold production and are socially conscious outspoken Indigenous artists, we as a society should put them on a pedestal? Well, we are hellbent on saying ‘no’. No to good, nay, great rap, No moving forward, no to a new voice and most certainly no to ‘A.B. Original’

A.B. Original - King Billy Cokebottle official video

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