At a time of uncertainty, BARKAA’s debut proved to be the shake up the Australian music scene needed. 

Taking her first steps forward as an artist releasing music in 2020, BARKAA served an introduction with impact; an artistic vision and handle on storytelling that was unshakably confident and honest. 

In a short period of time, the Malyangapa, Barkindji woman became one of Australia’s most exciting new hip hop artists; her voice balancing unbridled passion with an aggression the game had previously side-stepped with care. BARKAA’s impact from the jump established her as not just an artist to watch, but one to immediately respect and expect more from. 

Her artist’s journey was only just beginning.

In 2024, BARKAA is set to embark on the next phase of her creative journey. With the power and spirit of her ancestors innately connected to her own ambition and drive, BARKAA re-emerges into the spotlight with new fervour and inspirations to pour into her craft.

“I’m in love with my craft again,” she explains. “I feel like at this point, I’m here to work. I’m at a really good stage where I’ve come out and put love into my mob and my people, and now it’s time I pour that love into myself again.”

Australian audiences were given their first taste of BARKAA’s clever lyrical game with ‘For My Tittas’, before ‘Our Lives Matter’ made her voice nationally recognised and embraced during a time when First Nations people nationwide needed an anthem that mirrored their resilience in the face of continued oppression and struggle.

The lead up to her acclaimed debut EP Blak Matriarchy in 2022, saw the accolades build in BARKAA’s favour. Acknowledged as one of the best rappers of 2020 by both triple j and Red Bull, BARKAA reaped the rewards of her early work at the FBi SMAC Awards, as well as taking the PUMA Rookie Of The Year Award, courtesy of Acclaim Magazine. 

Upon the release of Blak Matriarchy, BARKAA proved that aggression could also come heart – the EP demonstrating a versatility and range of storytelling that brought with it rejuvenation to a scene that was hungry for truth telling and impassioned new voices. The project made BARKAA a twice ARIA-nominated artist, as well as a National Indigenous Music Award winner, further solidifying BARKAA as a formidable force in Australian music.

Keen to explore new sounds and facets of her talents as a lyricist, BARKAA’s enthusiasm for new directions is palpable. Falling back in love with hip hop after experiencing a bout of writer’s block in 2023, BARKAA made some executive decisions in her personal and professional life that has left her feeling more excited than ever for what is to come.

“It’s always from the heart, still. It’s all me and about everything I’ve been through, my lived experiences,” she explains. 

“I want people to still connect with me, and on a different level. I’ve shown how proud I am as a Blak woman and how proud I am of my culture with Blak Matriarchy. I’ve told them about my stances, shown them everything I am. Now, I wanna show what Sydney raised as well, I wanna show what Gadigal made. What the concrete jungle made. There’s a lot of inspiration there.”

But don’t get it twisted, though bops and bangers are on the menu for her next project; BARKAA’s spitfire approach that marked Blak Matriarchy will always remain front and centre.

“Even at the height of being a Blak woman building this career, I realise that the industry has its setbacks,” she says. “I’ve loved making people uncomfortable and I want to still make people’s blood turn cold and put out jams as well.”

“2023 was a bit of a hard year for me. At the end of the year, I’d made some really good decisions; I’d cut off all the shit that was holding me back. I feel like this year, I’m coming in and I’m myself again; I love what I’m doing and I fell back in love with my career again.”


Barkaa - Division official video


FOR MY TITTAS official video

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