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Nooky isn’t likely to jump on the bandwagon, he is more likely to steal the bandwagon, do doughies up and down the Main Street before cruising back out to Nowra to fire bomb it then chill with the cuzzo’s.

NOOKY is the illegitimate love child of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Xena Warrior
Princess. Nowra-born and Sydney-based, the proud Yuin man is an unsubtle mix of class and
street, Nooky has risen through the ranks on the back of energetic live shows and
intricate wordplay, imbued with truth and (dad joke) humour.

Drawing upon his upbringing as a proud Yuin man, Nooky spits country grammar and
effortlessly brings his blackness to the stage.

The Australia Council awarded Nooky the Dreaming Award in 2016 and the artist is due to
release his debut project via Briggs’ record label Bad Apples Music in 2018. As a
multidisciplinary artist, Nooky has produced bangers for Caiti Baker, Birdz and
Tasman Keith.

Nooky gives you himself, as a person, every show. Ain’t no gimmicks with The Nook. It
is what you see, it is what you get! He is THAT black, he does eat devon and chips, he
does swear a lot, he will 1800mumdad you off a payphone, he will speak the truth, he
will challenge perception, he will make you laugh, he might make you cry, he will get
your ass moving, and he will definitely crush any microphone he gets his hands on!

Nooky is the cousin you will claim, even if it’s just because your cousin got married up
with one of his cousins!! Basically, everyone wants to be related to Nooky, coz he is
THAT dope!

‘BLACK FUTURE’ was released on 3rd August 2018 through Bad Apples Music
Stream the track here: 


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