Rising star Canisha known for her soulful sound and captivating lyrics will unveil her latest single ‘Nowhere’ on the 28th of June. With its raw energy and heartfelt message, Canisha aims to connect with listeners on a deep level, sharing her unique perspective and experiences through her music.

‘Nowhere’ is a powerful and introspective track that explores themes of feeling trapped and overwhelmed with anxiety. The song delves into the struggles of losing oneself and battling inner demons, evoking a sense of vulnerability and resilience.

The chorus, filled with a blend of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, paints a vivid picture of feeling trapped and searching for escape from the grips of anxiety. Canisha’s introspective journey continues in the second verse, delving deeper into the feelings of isolation and the desire for self-discovery.

Canisha’s unique blend of soulful vocals, powerful songwriting, and raw vulnerability sets her apart in the music industry. ‘Nowhere’ is a testament to her artistic growth and showcases her ability to connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

‘Nowhere’ marks her third single and solidifies her position as an artist to watch.


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