Kiwat Kennell


Kiwat Kennell hits the ground running in 2024 with the powerfully blended sounds of Indie Rock, Pop and Hip Hop, culminating in the experience that is his debut EP, “Project Kiwat”. Named after the deeply complex and personal journey he has had to explore, whilst navigating and balancing his mental health journey, after the challenges that arise in the wake of one’s own selfish actions. A series of compelling narratives that analyze loss, heartbreak, identity and strength. A story of rebuilding yourself from the ashes in this modern world.

About The Artist
A student of life, Kiwat Kennell, is a proud Eastern Torres Strait Islander from the islands of Ugar (Stephens) and Erub (Darnley). A descendant of the Meriam people, music has been in his blood for generations. Nominee for the 2023 Music Victoria Awards, Archie Foundation Award for Emerging Talent, his music is a contemporary blend of the sounds he grew up with… Indie Rock, Rap and Hip Hop.

As a contemporary live performer, you will hear stories told in a genre-blending kaleidoscope of sounds, using past experiences of strength, courage and healing to create an expansive array of musical expression. This artist invokes emotion and breaks down metaphorical walls, you’ll leave this show screaming fuck you to the haters, whilst high-fiving a brother for surviving.

EP Info
“Project: Kiwat” serves as a poignant reflection on the struggles faced by individuals navigating the delicate balance of mental well-being in a world that often seems to crumble around them. Kiwat Kennell, drawing from his own experiences as a First Nations person living in the modern era, weaves a narrative that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

After the successful release of his first single ‘Waste’ (2022) and ‘Breaks My Heart’ (2023), which will be included in this release, the EP invites listeners into a sonic landscape that skillfully fuses Indie Rock, Pop and Hip Hop elements, with two new tracks; ‘Distance’, a compelling story of exploring space in the light of mistakes, and ‘M.O.T.H (Matters Of The Heart)’, the battle of inner voices and letting go.

Each track on “Project Kiwat” serves as a chapter in the artist’s journey over the past few years, offering a glimpse into the emotional highs and lows that come with self-discovery and growth, whilst also exploring insight into the chaotic mind of depression and anxiety that are paired with loss and disconnected relationships.

Creating a unique and compelling musical experience, Kiwat Kennell’s distinctive sound is inspired by his cultural roots, providing a fresh perspective that transcends genres and captivates audiences with its raw honesty. From anthemic choruses to introspective ballads, the EP showcases Kiwat Kennell’s versatility as a songwriter and performer, leaving an indelible mark on the Australian music scene.

Kiwat Kennell shares his thoughts on the project, stating: Project Kiwat is a manifestation of my personal struggles and the work that I have done on myself. A testament to the strength that can be found within one’s own narrative. It’s my hope that this EP resonates with others who may be facing similar challenges and encourages them to embrace their unique journey and feel confident in sharing it with the world!”.

“Project: Kiwat” is set to make waves not only for its musical brilliance but also for its cultural significance, offering a platform for First Nations voices in the contemporary music landscape. A testament to the power of storytelling through music, inviting audiences to connect with the universal themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the pursuit of mental well-being.


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