Key Hoo has been quiet lately, but that is not because of COVID-19. The high energy alt rock have been busy recording their second EP in the construction site of Collingwood YARDS.

Fans will be surprised to hear that their favourite high energy rock anthems have been transformed into refined reverberant acoustic sounds. Following the release of their first self-titled EP in January 2020, Key Hoo came into the year strong, playing at Yaluk-ut Weelam Ngargee, The Espy during St Kilda Festival, Moomba Festival, and the community festival Womin Djeka Balnarring Ngargee.

When the industry came to a halt and Key Hoo lost their scheduled gigs, including opening for The Merinda’s during Brunswick Music Festival and supporting the soul influenced rock band FOOLS at the iconic Nightcat.  The band maintained their drive and passion through isolation, live streaming with the award-winning online music festival Isol-Aid. Key Hoo featured on the line up with the likes of Meg Mac, John Butler, Claire Bowditch and Mo’Ju.

The band have kept busy performing live streams for Leaps and Bounds Festival, Insta Blak Out and preparing for the release of their new acoustic EP “Key Hoo Unplugged”, scheduled for release at the end of August with Bad Apples Distro.

Front man Kiwat Kennell explains, “…it was the live streams which inspired this new sound for our acoustic EP. We received a solid response after adjusting our sound for Isol-Aid Festival and Insta Blak Out, and we are proud to show off our dynamic range”.


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