Australian artist Wildheart release Multi-track Solid Rock / Sacred Ground, distributed through Bad Apples Music, with accompanying music video for the lead single titled Sacred Ground.

In late 2021, Wildheart front man and proud Yugambeh man Axel Best brought forward an issue that he believed was not receiving the publicity it needed; one that he felt that the band could help raise awareness through a new piece of work that would become Sacred Ground.

Traditional Land Owners were not consulted, and environmental groups warned of the damages likely to be caused. Wildheart firmly believe that Traditional Land Owners must be consulted in decisions affecting their own land and that we must look after and care for the Earth that we inhabit. Wildheart also believe it is important that these underrepresented communities are supported and feel that they are being heard, and hope they can use music to help them feel heard and supported and represent them in the heavy music community.

Accompanying Sacred Ground on the Multi-track is a cover of Solid Rock originally performed by musical group Goanna. This track contains several features, with guest vocal performances by Amariah Michelle Cook of Future Static and Jordan Olive of Nervous Light. The song also features Digeridoo performed by current Goanna touring member Russel Smith. The band’s inspiration to tackle a cover for the first-time stemmed from their love of Comeback Kid’s cover of Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil.

In September 2022, Wildheart were named as one of several selected artists to benefit from the 2022 Barpirdhila Grant Funding by the Adam Briggs Foundation. Drummer Andrew Cooke highlights the positive impact that the financial support of this grant funding has provided the band with this project, explaining that this grant has “assisted the band in covering financial aspects of the production of this project and allows the band to continue to focus their efforts and resources both on this project and the live performance aspect of their craft. Filming locations, equipment, and studio time that may otherwise have been cost-prohibitive were able to be addressed through this funding”.

Wildheart are already taking on an incredibly important role in speaking up on the issues affecting the communities and people around them, and are determined to further this work. Wildheart continue to demonstrate with this project that it is possible to write and perform music where creatives can shine a light posted in November 2021 that showcased documents released under Freedom of Information laws detailing

This was in response to an ABC article that the NT Government had negotiated changes in water rules so Fortune Agribusinesses could build one of Australia’s largest fruit farms on their values and bring light to important societal and environmental issues. Wildheart hope to show that it is possible to break the mold and have done this solidifying themselves as a heavy, emotional outfit through both live performances and advocacy for open conversation and action surrounding mental health, social injustice, and discrimination. Wildheart are proud to be representing Queensland and Australian heavy music in spaces that were predominately reserved for artists and creatives considered more “mainstream” and aim to show that the Australian heavy music scene is a safe, welcoming space where we can celebrate diversity, inclusion and discuss issues that are important to us and ways we can advocate for and affect change.


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