A.B. Original Feat. DJ Total Eclipse & Marlon


They wanna know what the voice does?,
It makes it hard for the parliament to avoid us
All I wanna do is give advice on my life,
And if they terrified then you need to ask em why

Black activist group A.B. ORIGINAL deliver a fierce endorsement for a YES vote in the impending Indigenous Voice Referendum with their uncompromising new track, ‘Yes’ ft. DJ Total Eclipse & Marlon.

‘Yes’, sees the duo that delivered 2016’s blistering debut, RECLAIM AUSTRALIA, now stand up and detonate months of political dissembling over the Indigenous Voice proposal.

Rattling lines that include, Bout time they listened to my people (YES) Dutton wants to hit us with a sequel ? (NO) Does every Blackfulla love the Phantom? (YES) Never give the same answer as Hanson (NO), sees Yorta Yorta man, Briggs, and Ngarrindjeri man, trials, (alongside guest artist and Tiwi Islander man, Marlon Motlop and featuring world-renowned turntablist DJ Total Eclipse) make A.B ORIGINAL’s perspective on the referendum abundantly clear: Anything less than a YES Vote “is signed with a death note.”

‘Yes’, emphatically calls out the disinformation and rampant muddying of facts from opponent interest groups that has clouded discussion of the Indigenous Voice, and eyeballs the ongoing hypocrisy in the arguments from some of the most prominent opposing parliamentarians.

The complacencies and vacillations of some sections of Australia’s public when it comes to the proposal of a First Nations seat at the Commonwealth table aren’t spared either:

That apathy almost bad as some enemies,
Name a category hunky dory for a century?

The heart of the track, however, remains an extension of the simple, generous invitation to walk with First Nations peoples towards a better, more inclusive, and more equitable future Australia.


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