BAD APPLES MUSIC, this week released a firing collab from BIRDZ and OMAR MUSA – “ABOUT ME”; a track dedicated to those people who have a misrepresented view about their ‘Straya.

BIRDZ opens the track shooting scathing blows to those Australians who are suffering from a serious case of denial; denial of Australia’s history of genocide, obnoxiously boasting that Indigenous people should just ‘get over it’. OMAR MUSA follows closely dealing with the trolls (*looking at you Mark Latham) who are angry about him speaking out about how he feels, while touching on how “the right eat everyone else’s kids, while the left eat their own”.

“We are so quick to tear ourselves apart instead of building alliances, while the real powers that be continue on and its politics as usual.” – OMAR MUSA

“The inspiration behind the hook “everybody wanna talk about me” is the tired and typical scenario of they know us better than we know ourselves bullshit. My verse is a strong Black middle finger to that.” – BIRDZ

The two artists are hitting the road this month on the Voodoo Laksa Tour to perform their potent, political, poetic music around the country. Birdz will be performing from his critically acclaimed album “Train of Thought” while rapper/poet/author Omar Musa will be bringing to life his latest album “Since Ali Died”.

The Voodoo Laksa Tour will be hitting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin. There couldn’t be a better time for fresh music that makes you dance AND think.


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