Today, Melbourne based hip-hop artist Birdz shares his new single, ‘Fly’ feat. Ngaiire out via Bad Apples Music/Island Records Australia.

Premiering on triple j drive, ‘Fly’ is an uplifting record that speaks to the strength and beauty of resilience. Birdz says, “As Indigenous people, we carry with us the oldest living cultures in the world. That’s something sacred that no one can ever take from us – it’s that energy that holds our heads up high no matter what the world throws at us.”

‘Fly’ was one of the first songs Birdz wrote for his upcoming new album project (released later this year). Choosing to work again with his friend and astound producer, trials, ideas for ‘Fly’ began being thrown around in May 2020. Beats were exchanged between the two and as months passed, these beats evolved into what we hear today.

“We had the hook idea in the stash for ages and I eventually came back to it to record the verses months later. Once we had a decent demo, trials and I knew we needed a soulful singer to really bring it home. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ngaiire’s and think that she’s hands down one of the best singer songwriters in the country.”

Working with Sydney based Ngaiire was an organic process. The powerhouse performer absolutely took the whole record to the next level. Working remotely on ‘Fly’, the duo unable to get into the studio together, shared parts they recorded from their individual homes.

“Once we had all the pieces to the puzzle,” says Birdz, “trials went back in on the production and made it an actual banger. In the end, I think the song came together over the course of 4 or 5 months. It was one of those ideas that really stuck and helped spark inspiration for the album. “

‘Fly’ will get its television debut as part of a special live music performance for ABC TV. Stay tuned for more details.

Last year, Birdz released his widely lauded single, ‘Bagi-La-M Bargan feat. Fred Leone’, which was voted as #30 on triple j’s Hottest 100. The track was instantly added to triple j and supported across various community radio stations such as FBi Radio, Syn FM, Radio Adelaide, Triple R, Koori Radio, PBS Radio and Double J. Bagi-La-M Bargan scored placement on Spotify’s Front Left, A1, Fresh Finds: Hip Hop, Blak Australia, Deadly Beats and The Local List as well as Apple Music’s Vibe, Alt Rap and New Fire playlists.

Raised in Katherine N.T. and based in Melbourne, as a proud Butchulla man, Birdz is renowned for his unique brand of hard-hitting hip-hop embodying strong messages of hope and self-determination.

The unapologetic rapper second full-length album will be released later this year and follows his critically acclaimed award-winning debut album Train Of Thought (2017) and his 2019 EP release, Place of Dreams.


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