BARKAA releases her debut single on Bad Apples Music ‘Groovy’, a track that’s waggish, and full of fun yet holds a lot of substance when it comes to the rising artist and her culture.

For the Malyangapa, Barkindji woman from Western New South Wales, now living in South West Sydney on Gandangara land; the song is her feel good track. Her “love yourself” track; the “Get up in the morning and remember who the hell you are” track.

The title of the song is also a dedication to her mother. She says, ‘’I remember Mum talking about the 80s and how groovy it was, how big the Blak movement was in those times, the fight that they fought for us and paved the way for me, my generation and generations to come. It’s also a dedication to the life that I left behind and how a sis got her groove back.’’

Rapping in her language of Barkindji BARKAA says, “I’m really proud to also incorporate my mother tongue into the track, even though I am swearing in language, it feels staunch, it feels tough, it feels DEADLY, it feels right. In the chorus I mention that I’m a monument, which is a shot at the Government protecting statues of colonizers, murderers and rapist instead of protecting the culture and livelihood of my first nations sisters and brothers, I’m basically saying that my spirit has been here for thousands and thousands of years since the first sunrise, 232 years is just a miniscule part in time compared to my spirit, my song lines and history. We are the monuments of this country, monuments with amazing minds and our oppressors can’t get under our skin, even if they tried.’’

BARKAA released her debut single ‘For My Tittas’ this year and has made waves within her community with the Pass The Ochre challenge. Most recently she won the Inaugural Rookie of the Year Award in the Acclaim 2020 All-Stars and has received support for her previously released music on Triple J and community radio across Australia.

BARKAA as an artist likes to talk about contemporary issues as well as her culture. Her music is part of her journey to express herself, the truth and issues impacting upon First Nation people. ‘Groovy’ is just a taste of much more music to come in 2021.


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