FOX LEAGUE has teamed up with Indigenous rapper and CEO of Bad Apples Music, BRIGGS, to create the channel’s new anthem for the 2017 NRL season, ‘Here’, featuring Caiti Baker.

The release coincides with the 2017 Indigenous Round, the signature track is a bold tune that celebrates the game of Rugby League. “FOX LEAGUE is a brand-new channel that’s young, fresh, and inclusive to all NRL fans.

In developing the signature theme tune, we were looking to collaborate with an artist that understood what we were trying to create; a track that reflected the values of the channel, and championed every aspect of the game.

“BRIGGS was the perfect choice. After a day in the recording studio at Uncanny Valley, he and his team emerged with a track that perfectly encapsulated the attitude of the new channel,” said FOX SPORTS’ Group Creative Director, Guy Sawrey-Cookson

“I created this track as the theme for the FOX LEAGUE channel – the song reflects the journey of the Indigenous players – who give so much excitement and leadership to the sport and community week in and week out, not just the specific Indigenous round,” said BRIGGS.

BRIGGS wrote the lyrics to the new title track and collaborated with vocalist Caiti Baker to record the song. “Here” will also be available in a new music video, directed and produced by the FOX SPORTS creative team. The cover artwork for the single was designed by Indigenous artist Reko Rennie.


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