Birdz is flying high today, as he is joined by Missy Higgins on his latest single ‘LEGACY part 2’, a track from his newly announced album LEGACY released Friday November 5th. A proud Butchulla man, raised in Katherine, now based in Melbourne, Birdz has written the track to honour his family heritage and its powerful effect on his son’s growth. It’s his third single of 2021, following ‘They Don’t Know’ ft. Thom Crawford and ‘Fly’ ft. Ngaiire’.

‘LEGACY part 2’ is a multi-generational affair, celebrating the unifying connection from his father, through himself and ultimately to his son. The past, the present, the future, together heralding a desire for the next generation to achieve more. “My father, against all odds, was able to break the cycle and provide me with the opportunities to grow and succeed. Now I feel that it’s my responsibility to take the knowledge and guidance my father gave me and pass it on to my son so he can take it all to the next level.”

Despite a fierce hunger for progress and growth, Birdz has an unwavering respect towards his connection to the past. He knows instilling this history facilitates that growth in future generations, “I want to empower my son to feel confident in who he is and represent where he’s from. It’s important that our young ones know where they’re from and maintain that connection and be proud of it. Also to know that they deserve to succeed just as much as anyone else.”

While its themes bring together generations, the song itself brings together Birdz’ friends, old and new. Produced by longtime collaborator trials, ‘LEGACY part 2’ also features the iconic vocals of Melbourne singer-songwriter Missy Higgins. The pair struck up an instant rapport after recently performing together on The Set. “Not long after The Set, I reached out to Missy with the idea for Legacy and a demo beat that Trials had made. She loved the idea and wrote her parts pretty much straight away, which really helped set the tone for the record. We all wrote the song together, which I think just makes it even better because it feels like a real collaboration,” says Birdz.

Missy Higgins says, “I really loved collaborating with Nath and trials on this song. Nath and I had a chat about what the record was going to be about and what he really wanted to say overall. All done via email of course because of lockdown! I thought it’d be great to write a song with him that reflected those feelings he had about wanting to pass on to his kids what his father taught him, and so on. To turn everything his family had been through into strength for the next generation. It was a really inspiring collaboration. I loved the beats that trials sent me so much straight up that the lyrics flowed really easily.”

With reverb soaked piano and a beat swelling around Birdz’ heartfelt verses, the track flows through an intimate pre-chorus and lifts with a rousing refrain. It is a collaboration that sees the three artists perfectly complimenting each other, and one that Birdz is extremely grateful for, “It was such an honour to work with someone of Missy’s calibre, her songwriting is amazing and I’ve learnt so much from the whole experience. trials’ production, as always, elevated the song to new heights and really brought the overall vision to life.”


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