Coming straight out of Nowra, rapper Nooky ends 2021 with ‘Mungo’ Remix featuring Aotearoa’s SWIDT. Inspired by the oft-quoted, viral ‘Mungo vs Greg Brown’ fight video from the late 2000s, Nooky swings for the fences in his first release for 2021, with his WWF-style aggression complimented by an ominous beat that was refined by (OneFour, SVNO) and Mansus. “Mungo is an ode to the legendary Mungo and the infamous YouTube fight. This is just an energetic vibe to get you geed up and go to war. This is a mission fight in song form,” Nooky says of the single.

Blending nostalgic Internet culture with contemporary trap production and flows, Nooky brings the best of both worlds on ‘Mungo’, which is sure to raise eyebrows and pulses in equal measure. The track’s hook features a gang of backing vocals quoting the video – “Feed him!” – which make it perfect for the gym or a precursor for a night of mischief. “I want people to hear this and get fired up. I want this tune to hit like the Stone Cold’s entrance music. Listen to this, and then hit someone with the Stone Cold Stunner,” Nooky says.

With ‘Mungo’, Nooky adds a sonic chapter to the legend immortalised in Australian folklore, and gives us a taste of his incoming EP, Lyrebird Park. Named after the infamous football field in his hometown, the EP is an insight into Nooky’s relentless pride in Nowra, laced with his scathing social commentary and uncompromising determination to overcome all odds.

With a style that hits harder than a sledgehammer, Nooky has been terrorising the rap scene for over a decade with his distinctly South Coast style. Nooky delivers music in molotov cocktail form – explosive and impactful in equal measure, while simultaneously shining light on the Indigenous experience and continuing struggles against the system. Nooky dropped his Junction Court EP in 2019 to widespread acclaim and toured alongside his Bad Apple labelmates Briggs and Kobie Dee, including a historic performance at the Sydney Opera House. In 2020, Nooky dropped the eye-opening track ‘432-0’ in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and the longstanding crisis surrounding black deaths in custody. He also collaborated with brands like G-Shock, Geedup and JD Sports; spreading his assertive message beyond music.

True to his community-driven approach, Nooky also performed at bushfire relief shows throughout early 2020, and threw his own charity event called ‘Coastchella’ in his hometown of Nowra, featuring headliners OneFour and B Wise. Nooky is also a member of Muggera Cultural Enterprise, a family group that shares Indigneous culture through traditional dance, song and art.


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