Barkaa’s new single entitled ‘Preach’, marking her second piece of new music for 2024. The Malyangapa-Barkindji rapper worked with Brisbane-based rapper and producer Nerve on the song’s beat, while the single’s artwork was created by her daughter Alinta-Jade. In a press statement regarding the song, Barkaa described ‘Preach’ as “a big ‘fuck-you’ to anybody who still doubts you”.

“It’s about having a voice,” she said. “We’re allowed to big-note ourselves and be loud in our successes and achievements. I don’t have to stay in the bucket the colony put there to drop my people in. I made it out of that bucket, so I can come back and kick it over.” An accompanying music video for ‘Preach’ has also been shared, which can be viewed below



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