Naarm-based Wergaia / Wemba Wemba woman, Alice Skye, today unveils her latest single and accompanying video, “Stay In Bed” via Bad Apples Music.

After releasing the graciously raw track “Grand Ideas” earlier this year, Alice Skye again enlists producer Jen Cloher to share one of her most intimate songs to date. “Stay In Bed” was penned after a phone conversation with a friend as they became both a trusted shoulder and comedic relief for one another, realising they both were experiencing difficult times of depression. The song begins with a lullaby-like sway of twanging guitar plucks and steady drumming, as Alice’s ethereal and husk-toned voice carries some of her inner-thoughts and anxieties upwards. Skye’s moving sonic arena of exposed and relatable truths, fast becomes an anthem of uplifting support to herself and those loved ones around her, reassuring them of the light that exists within and nearby.

Alice Skye says on the track: “It is another song about depression and all the things you’re told or tell yourself. But ultimately it’s a love song to my friends and friends going through it together. I wrote it after talking on the phone to a friend. We’d been trying to catch up for months but the times that we both felt able to leave the house just weren’t aligning. We laughed on the phone about how ridiculous we felt for being so sad and it felt nice to make light of how heavy we felt for a bit.


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