Gamilaroi artist Kobie Dee shares his latest single “Still Standing” ft Liyah Knight. The highly anticipated track comes on the heels of his viral single “Jody”, which has accumulated over 2 million streams to date.

The 22-year-old MC has captured audiences across Australia with his effortless flows, precise delivery, and an uncanny knack for storytelling that connects deeply with his listeners. In his short time on the scene, Kobie has quickly become one of the most important voices in Australian hip hop.

Kobie Dee’s latest offering is a heartfelt and profoundly moving track about the hard-hitting topics of the Stolen Generation, January 26th, and challenges experienced by Aboriginal people. Kobie says of his latest track:

“The first verse I actually wrote in 2016 after invasion day, and the second I finished at the beginning of this year. The song is about the Stolen Generation and some of the issues that we face as Aboriginal people. My great grandfather was taken from his parents in Wreck Bay. I personally couldn’t imagine how much that would have hurt to be taken from your parents and away from your culture. It is something that makes me sad when I look at my daughter because I couldn’t live if I had her taken from me.”

The song was produced by Ascent Beats and features the rising singer/songwriter Liyah Knight, whose tender vocals play the perfect counterpart to the rawness of Kobie’s lyrics.


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